Julie Smith, expert in decoding adolescent behavior, engages audiences on the importance of understanding how teens act, interact and influence.

Why choose Julie to speak at your event?

Julie has the insightful ability to uncover the hidden forces that drive human nature. Adults have called her “the voice of reason and truth” and kids say “she just gets it.” With a blend of wit and wisdom, Julie regularly engages audiences of parents, educators, clinicians, law enforcement and professionals from a variety of disciplines. 

Her ability to relate with others will have each person feeling like she is speaking directly to them — and that connection keeps her message alive long after the conversation is over. Julie has been quoted and featured in many outlets. She speaks on topics such as adolescent behavior, caring for aging parents, community building, and building a successful counseling practice.

With genuine care, concern, and compassion for others, Julie has made an impact in the relationship we have with adolescents and the elderly.

Our Presentations include:

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