"Why do we do that?"

That is the never-ending question that
prompted Julie Smith to create
Behind our Behavior.


About Julie Smith, Founder

Julie Smith, MHS, LMFT, is a behavioral scientist who ignites understanding, trust and collaboration to support adolescents, young adults and the aging.  She specializes prevention, risk reduction and trauma-sensitive responses and programs to address mental health, behavioral concerns and social inequities among underrepresented populations.

Julie’s pioneering workshops and training programs dispel the myths of misbehavior and address the stigma of mental health through trauma-informed communications and support.  She also developed the Emotional Circulatory System and Behavior Blueprint System to provide understanding on behavioral motivations and how to respond, redirect and rehabilitate behaviors. 

Best known with her clientele as a “family translater” with teens and the elderly, Julie’s expertise, advice and care management is frequently sought after and she has been on speed-dial for many families and agencies who have immediate concerns or are in current crisis. Adults have called her “the voice of reason and truth” and kids say “she just gets it.” In addition to behavioral consulting, she is regularly asked to provide victim’s assistance and advocacy for children, adolescents and the elderly who have experienced sexual trauma, assault or exploitation.

Over the past 30 years, Julie has honed her communication and problem-solving skills through her experiences as a sought-after family therapist and crisis manager, a Guardian ad Litem, and a behavioral consultant for individuals, service professionals, and organizations throughout the United States and abroad.

A TEDx speaker, Julie engages with audiences around the world. She has been quoted and featured in many publications including USA Today, Family Circle, First for Women and other web, television and print outlets. She lectures on adolescent development and behavior and trauma-informed solutions for young people, the elderly and communities. 

Julie is the founder and former owner of Character Clubs, which offered character-based leadership programs for children. She is also the author of Mommyhood Diaries: Living the Chaos One Day at a Time, a winner of the Fresh Voices Award.

A lifelong learner, Julie holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, Masters of Human Service and post-graduate certifications in Marriage and Family Therapy, Adolescent Therapy, Gerontology, and  Cognitive Behavior Therapy. She holds additional certifications and training in criminology, sexual assault advocacy, cultural responsiveness, addictions counseling, non-verbal language,  micro-expressions and systemic art + play therapy. She is a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, National Association of Mental Illness and the Gerontological Society of America

Julie maintains a private practice in Pacific Northwest and outside Denver, Colorado.

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Julie Smith, MHS, LMFT, has
  • 30 years in mental health, behavior sciences, and family systems.
  • 15 years entrepreneurial  experience
  • 40 public speaking presentations/workshops
  • International professional network including 3K Facebook followers, 2K LinkedIn contacts, 7.8K IG followers, 4K newsletter subscribers and many top influencers.
  • Over 2.1K TEDx Talk views.
  • Over 35 years of community service and public policy advocacy.

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