Hi, I'm Julie,

I'm a psychotherapist, trainer, and consultant dedicated to expanding connection and resilience by treating trauma and training professionals in the areas of trauma-informed care, trauma-focused treatment, and vicarious trauma. 

Some of my earliest memories center around my parent’s work. My mom was a teacher and my dad was a school administrator eventually transitioning into law enforcement as a probation officer. Public service was always and still is a central part of my life.  

Since high school, I have immersed myself in understanding human behavior and what is behind our behavior. The more I learned, the more my dedication to de-stigmatizing mental health, treating trauma and building resilience strengthened.  I have been facilitating trainings since 2000 which my areas of focus on lifespan development specifically related to children, adolescents, and aging adults; vicarious trauma; trauma-informed care, and resilience. I am passionate about developing awareness, risk reduction, and prevention programming that addresses mental health and trauma in schools, in the workplace, and in the community.

Having had my own traumatic experiences as well as holding space for those who are navigating their own learning and healing, I understand how overwhelming, vulnerable, and, at times, scary it can feel to move toward change. I also know that being heard, seen, and witnessed in this space is exactly what we need to heal and grown as individuals, as families, as teams, and as communities.  It is here that connection sparks, strength emerges, and resilience builds. 

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  • 30 years in human services, mental health, and family systems including experience with public and private school settings (K-12, college and university),  residential nursing and end of life care and support.
  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with licensure in Colorado, Washington and Oregon.
  • Graduate of the FBI Citizens Academy - Portland Division.
  • 100 public speaking presentations/workshops
  • International professional network including 3K Facebook followers, 2K LinkedIn contacts, 7K IG followers, 4K newsletter subscribers.
  • Over 7.7K TEDx Talk views.

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Photo Credit: Jennifer Brindley

Photo Credit: Jennifer Brindley

Photo Credit: Jennifer Brindley

Photo Credit: Jennifer Brindley

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