Children, adolescents and the aging have become masters of hiding what is really going on so they aren’t written off as “difficult.”  

Learn what's behind their behavior and change the stigma of difficult through trauma-responsive strategies that open communication, build trust and deepen connections. 


Whether you are a parent, a service provider or a business leader,
you are affected by trauma.

Hi, I'm Julie Smith, and I am dedicated to providing you the necessary tools, support and resources to:

  • recognize that all behavior has meaning.
  • ignite understanding of trauma and how it affects children and the aging.
  • how to respond to trauma, mental health and behavioral concerns.
  • improve day-to-day functioning and coping skills.
  • create a culture of resiliency, growth and healing. 
  • earn trust and open the lines of communication. 
  • boost the quality of relationships at home, work and in the community. 

                                 ...and so much more!

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